Managed File Transfer

RSSBus Connect can securely transfer files between businesses or applications using many different transport protocols.

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Automatic transfer of files is an important part of every company to ensure data is being moved efficiently in a fast, reliable manner between businesses and applications. Choosing a solution to manage this is a very important decision to make sure your business can respond in a timely fashion to data triggers in your processes.

Transfer of files should be a fluid process that requires little to no monitoring. RSSBus Connect is easy to setup and runs in the background, notifying you when any issue appears. You don't need someone to actively manage your Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution with RSSBus.

Easy Setup

Installation and setup requires only minutes to be up and running. You will be trading with your partner in no time as RSSBus has plenty of resources including automatic certificate exchange and troubleshooting tips for partner configuration.


Take advantage of the many security options available when sending and receiving files to other businesses to make certain that your data remains secure when being transferred.


RSSBus Connect is a tested solution that gives you the confidence you need to keep your business processes running smoothly.


RSSBus will grow with your business allowing many options for Web farm deployment, high availability, and failover configurations. You won't need to change your Managed File Transfer software as your company grows.

Drummond Certified

RSSBus Connect undergoes exhaustive Drummond certification for both AS2 and AS4 protocols. This interoperability testing ensures RSSBus Connect will effectively communicate with other Drummond certified solutions.