Self-Service Integration

Easily automate business processes.
Scale with total flexibility as your needs evolve.
Solve integration challenges with powerful connectivity.

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Connect Business, Data, & Applications Faster

Whether your focus is on internal operations, partner integrations, or public data access, APIs are the key to increasing business agility and unlocking the innovation potential of your data.

Connect Apps & Data

Easily connect Applications and Data without code, through a modern easy-to-use web-based UI.

Automate Processes

Extensive support for B2B messaging, mapping & translation, automation, monitoring, and management.

Create APIs

Hook up any data source and instantly generate flexible, comprehensive, and fully documented APIs.

Visual Workflow Designer

Drag and Drop Application & System Integration

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Unlimited Integration Capabilities

Everything needed to easily automate business-critical processes

  • Exhaustive REST-based APIs: Almost every facet is accessible through simple standards-based interfaces like SOAP, REST, HTML, RSS, ATOM, JSON, XLS, and CSV.
  • Flexible Workflow Engine: Setup and automate multi-step workflows. Connect, combine, customize, filter, pipe, sort, and extend.
  • Straightforward Data & Document Transformation: Automate the process of transforming data into shipping labels, invoices, sales receipts, barcode tags, and more.
  • Real-time connectivity through Application & Technology Connectors.

API-First Architecture

Create & Deploy custom APIs and/or automate capabilities through pre-defined App services

App Platform

Fully-extensible design with hooks for building and hosting modern web applications.

Data & Transformation

Pipeline and transform data between various formats including XML, JSON, CSV, Excel, PDF

Easy to Setup & Configure

From installation, to integration in under 30 minutes. Plug in, configure and go!

Code-free connectivity in minutes

The quality of your integrations depend largely on the quality of your connectors.

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