by rssbus | February 06, 2019

Visualize an X12 834 in Excel

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Visualize an X12 834 in Excel

The sample project featured in this article has preconfigured ports for mapping and visualizing the EDI 834 Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance transaction set in Microsoft Excel.

The project comes with a sample EDI 834 file titled 834.x12, built in templates for Excel, and a map script for the XMLMap port that will tranform the XML structure of EDI files into simple human readable XML.

The ports are configured to automatically move files from one port to the next until the EDI 834 files are visualised in Excel.

The XMLMap port and Excel port are preconfigured to operate automatically. To make the process completely automated, you can set the X12 Port to send the files in the Input Folder at regular intervals using Automation Settings or manually process files using the Send button from the Send tab of X12 port.

In order to configure this flow, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Ports tab and click the Import Settings button. In the dialog that appears, choose the file to import the project's settings and port configurations.
  2. After you have imported the sample, start by selecting the X12 port and navigating to the Settings tab.
  3. From Settings, to change Sender and Receiver Identifiers respectively make the necessary changes in Interchange Settings for Sender Identifier (ISA06) and Receiver Identifiier (ISA08) segments, and in Functional Group Settings for Sender Identifier (GS02) and Receiver Idetifier (GS03) segments. By default, these values are RSSBus and VENDOR respectively.
  4. To send the files manually, navigate to Input tab to find 834.x12 waiting to be send.
  5. Select the file and click on Send button to begin sending the file from X12 port onto Excel port.
  6. Navigate to Output tab of Excel port to find the EDI 834 file in XLSX format. You can click on the file to download it and visualize the EDI 834 data in Excel form.