About Us

Next-generation Managed File Transfer and E-Business (EDI) integration solutions.

RSSBus provides high-performance, reliable, and fully-extensible products that simplify the process of producing, consuming, and integrating data. The RSSBus products enable a simple yet effective layer of middleware that helps users drive information flow without the added complexity that is common across other integration solutions.

At RSSBus our goal is to provide customers with the tools necessary to seamlessly integrate applications, services, and data without having to manage additional layers of complexity.

To accomplish this, we have designed all of our products to easily integrate into your existing software systems. Whatever technologies are used throughout your organization, we have solutions that will enhance the ways in which you connect to and work with your data. This unique approach to integration helps customers create solutions that are far more flexible and agile than traditional approaches, and drastically reduces time to market.

RSSBus is fully committed to providing our customers with high-performance, reliable, and fully extensible products. We know your organization places a large investment on data management and we are proud to be a trusted provider of data integration products.

RSSBus is a spin-off of /n software inc. (www.nsoftware.com), a leading provider of enterprise-class tools for Internet communications, security, and e-business development.

Our client list includes multi-national companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Xerox, Cisco, Dell, Motorola, Intel, and many more. All of our products are backed by an excellent record of accomplishment based on providing robust enterprise-class solutions backed by professional technical support.