Shaeffler Streamlines Auto Supply with RSSBus AS2

Shaeffler, is one of world’s largest family-owned companies and auto parts manufacturers — Shaeffler generated about $16.1 billion of sales in 2017 and has more than 92,000 employees. With about 170 locations spanning 50 countries, Shaeffler has a worldwide network of manufacturing locations, research and development facilities and sales companies.

The Challenge: Managing the Supply Chain and Customer Demand with Automation

Managing that global supply network is a herculean task for Shaeffler, requiring solutions on a global scale. Shaeffler set out to automate purchasing processes using new technologies to:

  • Boost supply chain efficiencies
  • Standardize processes
  • Save countless hours of manual data entry and communications
  • Reduce human error
  • Control costs

Shaeffler and one of their biggest logistics transportation partners invested in technology upgrades together. Specifically, Shaeffler sought to automate all purchasing and supply chain interactions with their land transportation partner through standard international electronic data interchange (EDI) messages. In this process, all purchase orders, shipping updates and related messages are standardized and automatically triggered when desired in the supplier and customer enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems.

Part of an emerging trend, enterprises, such as Shaeffler, increasingly conduct logistics transmissions over the web using accredited services. Due to their low cost, high efficiency and reliable security, these messages use popular secure online transmission protocols, such as AS2, OFTP2 and SFTP.

Undertaking this type of automation came with specific challenges:

  • Shaeffler and their logistics partner had different ERPs with different message structures, requiring EDI transformation and integration on both ends.
  • The logic behind the integration had to combine real-world business processes and screen for the right information required for each transaction.
  • The EDI mapping needed to maintain one-to-one correspondence to maintain parity.

To make the integration work, Shaeffler needed a reliable and secure EDI solution, as well as some integration expertise. Enter RSSBus Connect and our network of EDI integration partners.

The Solution: Seamless EDI AS2 Integration with RSSBus Connect

Shaeffler and their logistics transportation company selected RSSBus Connect, a simple and effective middleware that helps users efficiently transfer information without adding complexity.

Specifically, they set up an EDI connection using RSSBus AS2 capabilities, which are officially certified by Drummond and provide robust security features, including signature, S/MIME encryption, digital certificates and MDN receipts. RSSBus provides customers with a solution that’s easy to operate, manage and automate.

The automated connection works as follows:

  • The logistics company's database receives the EDI file transmitted by Schaeffler through AS2 and saves it for development and analysis.
  • When they need to send the file back to Shaeffler, it extracts the data from the database and automatically develops and generates an EDI message.
  • The EDI message is then sent to Schaeffler via the AS2 port found in RSSBus Connect.

The entire process can be easily set up and automated in less than a minute!

The EDI message standard required by Schaeffler is EDIFACT. The business type of docking is:

  • Logistics partner receives: IFTMIN Waybill — Cargo Address Information
  • Logistics partner sends: IFTSTA Return Order — Feedback Logistics Status

The Results: Rapid Automation and a Happy Customer

Through the integration of RSSBus Connect and the deployment of the EDI file parsing code, Shaeffler's logistics partner can automatically parse EDI messages into an XML format, which is readable by their ERP system.

Similarly, when sending files to Schaeffler, through the deployment of the EDI file generation code, their XML files are auto-generated into EDI and directly connected to Schaeffler’s system through RSSBus Connect AS2.

The process not only saves cost, it massively improves logistical efficiency — a core business function and value add deliverable to Shaeffler.

The setup is crucial for Schaeffler and their partner for a range of reasons:

  • It meets Shaeffler's EDI specification, with a tailored mapping that fits their specific business processes.
  • The process entirely eliminates any need for human data input, saving countless hours.
  • It's a repeatable process — Schaeffler can easily reuse the setup with other suppliers.

And importantly, the entire file transfer process is safe, secure and reliable.

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Our flagship product, RSSBus Connect, is used by more than 100,000 customers worldwide and is the only Drummond Certified AS2/AS4 solution that is completely free for use with a single trading partner.

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