RSSBus Connect™ helps Apple move thousands of parts across the supply chain

As the top-valued company in the world, Apple relies on a global network of suppliers, managed through a seamless B2B EDI system. One of their core suppliers provides integrated micro-component solutions for communication and IT consumer electronics, ranging from acoustic components to haptics vibrators, radio frequency (RF), and optics. These components are embedded into bread and butter devices for Apple, like the iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.

To maximize efficiency, Apple worked with their supplier to integrate electronic order and fulfillment processing with Apple's EDI system. To plug into Apple's system, Apple and the supplier implemented RSSBus Connect as a core component of their SCM EDI implementation. RSSBus Connect enabled the supplier to seamlessly integrate their SAP ERP system with Apple's EDI system to control key processes, such as purchase orders, shipment notices and invoices.

Integration with Apple

RSSBus Connect provides Apple and their supplier with secure file transfer (via AS2), EDI messaging, and ERP integration. The following diagram provides a high-level overview of how RSSBus Connect is used for processing:

Secure File Transfer

The RSSBus Connect AS2 port is configured to securely send and receive documents directly with Apple's EDI system, as direct messaging was a critical requirement for Apple. In addition to offering the most secure and responsive integration, direct integration eliminates the need and expense of VAN processing fees.

EDI Messaging

For order processing and fulfillment, Apple requires communication through a number of standard EDI messages. To do this, their micro-component supplier uses the ANSI X12 port of RSSBus Connect to transform data between ERP entities and standard EDI documents, including:

  • 850 (Purchase Orders)
  • 860 (Purchase Order Change Requests)
  • 855 (Purchase Order Acknowledgements)
  • 856 (Advanced Shipping Notices)
  • 846 (Inventory Inquiry/Advice) For Apple, an 846 is used by vendors to notify the transfer of finished goods.
  • 810 (Invoices)
  • 997 (Functional Acknowledgements)

The following diagram outlines the basic message request and acknowledgement arrangement between the companies.

RSSBus Connect provides Apple's critical micro-component supplier with an easy way to map values between the various ANSI X12 based EDI messages and the supplier's SAP system.

Apple's supplier worked directly with an RSSBus featured EDI integration partner to quickly implement EDI mapping and translation. Working with RSSBus' EDI integration partner allowed them to rapidly on-ramp messaging integration and provided a resource for future EDI implementations.

ERP Integration

The RSSBus Connect application is a straightforward extension to the supplier's SCM processes, providing direct integration with their ERP installation. They leverage the RSSBus Connect iDoc port to transform messages and integrate them directly to and from their SAP ERP. When Apple sends requests, the messages are routed and transformed through RSSBus Connect and passed directly into their SAP installation.

Similarly, when they need to notify Apple, they simply update their SAP ERP system. RSSBus Connect does the rest, monitoring SAP for changes, so when a change occurs, RSSBus Connect maps and transforms those messages to the correct EDI document format and securely transmits the messages to Apple.

The Result

By selecting RSSBus Connect, Apple and their supplier rapidly integrated ordering and fulfillment processes to conform with Apple's supply chain requirements. Integration was delivered on-time and under budget, provides Apple's key micro-component supplier continuous cost savings.

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