SAP Port

RSSBus Connect makes it easy to connect your Apps with SAP. Use RSSBus Connect to move data, on a schedule, on-demand - on-premise, or in the Cloud!

SAP Connector

Combining SAP with RSSBus Connect, you can connect data across various departments, including Sales, Logistics, and Accounting, among others, to automate critical business processes end-to-end.

SAP Business Applications

  • Accelerate your order-to-cash process - With RSSBus Connect, you can automate workflows across your ordering and invoicing processes so you have a 360-degree view of all accounts and seamless communication from ordering and fulfillment to billing and payment processing. When a sales order is placed, automatically create an invoice for your accounting team as well as automatically notify the fulfillment warehouse that a new order needs to be shipped. Updated sales and inventory information is synced back automatically to SAP, which allows better forecasting of customer demand for inventory management.

  • Consolidate sales across channels - Whether a purchase is placed on a company‚Äôs ecommerce website, sync it automatically with SAP for real-time visibility into all of your sales in one integrated solution.


The SAP Port ships with the latest version of RSSBus Connect.     

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