MongoDB Connector

The MongoDB Connector provides an easy way to connect data flows with MongoDB NoSQL databases.

MongoDB Connector

Messaging and database integration are at the core of many business-critical processes. The MongoDB Connector provides a straightforward way to automate the process of converting message data between MongoDB and XML messages. Combined with the other RSSBus Connect connectors, the MongoDB plays a critical role in providing end-to-end business integration.

Key Features

  • Process incoming messages into your MongoDB database in real-time
  • Highly flexible mapping configuration enables XML data processing to insert data to one or more MongoDB tables.
  • Create new outbound messages from your MongoDB database based on a query that is automatically set to a polling interval
  • Efficient use of transactions ensures data is updated simultaneously into your database
  • Easy-to-use templates dictate the format of inbound and outbound data to MongoDB
  • Unlimited XML output configuration.

Download Now And Get Connected

Connectors are a core feature which enable the RSSBus Connect to connect to integrate with various database, service, and application sources. Download the MongoDB connector below and easily automate common integration tasks.

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