Managed File Transfer

RSSBus Connect can securely transfer files between businesses or applications using many different transport protocols.

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Automatic transfer of files is an important part of every company to ensure data is being moved efficiently in a fast, reliable manner between businesses and applications. Choosing a solution to manage this is a very important decision to make sure your business can respond in a timely fashion to data triggers in your processes.

Transfer of files should be a fluid process that requires little to no monitoring. RSSBus Connect is easy to setup and runs in the background, notifying you when any issue appears. You don't need someone to actively manage your Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution with RSSBus.


RSSBus Connect has many features which allow automatic transfer and processing of files throughout your business.

  • Define workflows with hundreds of different tasks or operations
  • Automatic scheduling of transferring files
  • Folder monitor for sending new files
  • Transfer files from remote applications using a scheduled polling mechanism
  • Pre and post transfer events to kick off workflows for processing files, sending emails, etc.
  • API for triggering workflows, monitoring transfers, and managing configuration options


RSSBus Connect supports many different file transfer protocols. Below is a list of currently supported protocols for transferring files.

  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • OFTP
  • SCP
  • AS2
  • AS4
  • RosettaNet
  • SMTP
  • POP
  • IMAP
  • Amazon S3
  • Box
  • REST
  • SOAP

Logging and Auditing

Logging and audit are critical to business processes for ensuring traceability of messages throughout your company. RSSBus has many features that make it easy to monitor data processing and maintain logs necessary for tracking and auditing your business' processes.

  • Browser interface for monitoring activity, viewing logs, troubleshooting connectivity errors
  • Message tracking throughout each configured workflow
  • Detailed audit logs for all transfers including logs for requests, responses, and receipts
  • Automatic notifications can be configured for delivery via email, Windows event logs, or Syslog
  • Files can be stored for backup and recovery when sent and received
  • Log level and archive settings for managing logs

Encryption and Compression

RSSBus Connect can encrypt and compress files on disk before and after transfer or streaming during transfer in supported protocols.

  • Encrypt, sign, decrypt, and verify files using Open PGP, Zip AES, or S/MIME
  • Compress and decompress files using Zip, 7Zip, Bzip2, Gzip, Tar, or Tarball algorithms
  • Includes a mechanism for enforcing FIPS 140-2 compliant algorithms
  • Certification management interface for configuring all certificate types including PFX, CER, PEM, SSH, and Open PGP

Mapping and Translation

An important part of any managed file transfer application is automatic processing of inbound and outbound files. Below are a few of the things you can do with RSSBus Connect to create workflows to process files automatically within your business.

  • Easily convert files from/to XML, JSON, CSV, or other flat file formats
  • Automatic generation or processing of Excel and PDF files based on user-defined templates
  • Generate or process X12, EDIFACT, and other EDI formats to XML for further processing
  • Automatically generate acknowledgments for EDI or other file types
  • Map, filter, or transform column values when converting files from one format to another
  • Connects to over 80 different data sources including databases, ERP systems, and accounting systems to update or retrieve data from/to files


Take advantage of the many security options available when sending and receiving files to other businesses to make certain that your data remains secure when being transferred. Below are a list of some of the security features available in RSSBus Connect:

  • Many authentication mechanisms including client certificate authentication, OAuth, and multi-factor authentication
  • User management system for managing users and trading partners
  • Restrict users to specific directories with granular control over permissions
  • Define per-user virtual folders

Server Capabilities

In addition to outbound client connections to remote servers and applications, RSSBus can also accept inbound connections via various protocols.

  • Supported server protocols include SFTP, AS2, AS4, OFTP, HTTP, and RosettaNet
  • Cloud Gateway feature to allow you to keep files within your internal network without having to open your firewall or install into your DMZ
  • Ability to create REST APIs for users or trading partners to connect
  • Load-balanced deployment options to handle high loads and high availability
  • Restart and streaming support to handle large file transfer