Compare Integration Options

Connection-based licensing. Choose the license that is right for your next integration project.

Express Standard Pro Enterprise
Price $499/yr $1999/yr $3999/yr Quote
Connection Ports 1 10 25 25+
Transformation Ports 0 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Drummond Certified Connectivity
Self-Signed Certificate Creation
Automated File and Document Sending
Advanced Logging Capabilities
Configurable Email Notifications
Post and Pre-Processing Script Execution
Certificate Management Console
Parallel Processing
Certificate Exchange
Very Large Message (VLM)
Standard Support
  • Unlimited Email technical support
  • Anytime access to our Online Knowledge Base
Free Free Free Free
Premium Support
  • Benefits of Standard support +
  • Phone Support
  • Priority Resolution
  • 24-Hour Guaranteed Response Time
Optional Included

Connection Ports

B2B & A2A Connectivity

Connection Ports provide B2B and A2A connectivity between RSSBus Connect and other applications and services. These ports are enabled based on the licensed RSSBus Edition.

Once these Ports have been enabled, users may configure any number of ports up to the total number of licensed connections.

Transformation Ports

Unlimited Data Translation, Mapping, & Templating

Transformation ports convert raw data to popular file and messaging formats. Common usage includes EDI mapping and translation, report or label generation, file signing and encryption, compression, and more.

Unlimited transformation ports are included with RSSBus Connect Standard and above. Configured transformation ports do not count against the licensed connection count.

Free AS2 Connection vs. Paid/Multi-Connection

A side-by-side comparison of the Paid vs. Free license

While the Free Small Business Edition (single AS2 connection license) includes everything needed to enable secure messaging with a single trading partner, certain features and capabilities are only available with paid licenses. Below is a side-by-side comparison of the features available in each:

Feature Free Single Port License Paid/Multi-Port License
Application Reporting Mandatory Optional
Network Throughput Limited (1 file / minute) Unlimited
Drummond Certified AS2 Connectivity
Digital Certificate Management
Self-Signed Certificate Creation
3DES Encryption
SHA-1 Signing
Synchronous & Asynchronous Receipts
Automated File and Document Sending*
Unlimited FREE Email Technical Support
Self-Contained Stand-Alone Application with Embedded Web Server
Supports Logging to Disk
SHA-2 Signing
Supports Logging to the Application Event Logs
Run Under Microsoft IIS
Configurable Email Event Notifications
Support for Custom Message Headers
Advanced Firewall Configuration Options
Message Post Processing and Scripting
HTTP Authentication
SSL Client Authentication