by rssbus | December 18, 2017

Save Email Attachments to Your Dropbox Account

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Save Email Attachments to Your Dropbox Account

The sample project featured in this article has preconfigured ports for downloading attachments from your email account and sending them to your Dropbox storage account.

The ports are configured to automatically move files from one port to the next until the attachments are sent to Dropbox.

The map port is preconfigured to operate automatically. You can schedule the application to poll the email server for new attachments whenever you want the job to run from the EmailReceive port settings page, or you can manually process files using the Receive button from the Receive tab of the EmailReceive port.

In order to configure the example, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Ports tab and click the Import Settings button. In the dialog that appears, choose the file to import the project's settings and port configurations.
  2. After you have imported the sample, start by selecting the EmailReceive port and navigating to the Settings tab.
  3. To access your emails and the attachments, you need to authenticate against the email server by providing the necessary IMAP Connection properties. These are different for each email server, and they can generally be found in your email account settings, under options such as IMAP Access.
  4. You also need to establish a connection to your Dropbox account. Open the Dropbox port and navigate to the Settings tab and click the Connect button. A new browser tab will be opened that will prompt you to log into your Dropbox account. Log into your account, then allow RSSBus Connect to access the data in your Dropbox account. After granting permission, the tab will close and the application is now connected to Dropbox.
  5. To execute the sample, navigate to the Receive tab of the EmailReceive port. Click the Receive button to begin retrieving attachments from your email account.