RosettaNet PIPs Messages

RosettaNet Partner Interface Processes (PIPs) define standard transaction message formats allowing supply chain partners to communicate.

ID Message
3A1Request Quote
3A2Request Price and Availability
3A3Request Shopping Cart Transfer
3A4Request Purchase Order
3A5Query Order Status
3A6Distribute Order Status
3A7Notify of Purchase Order Update
3A8Request Purchase Order Change
3A9Request Purchase Order Cancellation
3A10Notify of Quote Acknowledgement
3A13Notify of Purchase Order Information
3A14Distribute Planned Order
3B1Distribute Transportation Projection
3B2Notify of Advance Shipment
3B3Distribute Shipment Status
3B4Query Shipment Status
3B5Request Shipment Change
3B6Notify of Shipments Tendered
3B11Notify of Shipping Order
3B12Request Shipping Order
3B13Notify of Shipping Order Confirmation
3B14Request Shipping Order Cancellation
3B18Notify of Shipment Documentation
3C1Return Product
3C2Request Financing Approval
3C3Notify of Invoice
3C4Notify of Invoice Reject
3C5Notify of Billing Statement
3C6Notify of Remittance Advice
3C7Notify of Self-Billing Invoice