Technology/OEM Partnership

Thank you for your interest in joining our partner network. Simply complete the accompanying form to apply for the RSSBus Partner Program. A Partnership Manager will contact you to provide more information about the Technology/OEM Partnership.

Whether you are looking to offer RSSBus Connect as embedded components in your existing solution, as an embedded solution in your cloud infrastructure, or you wish to white label RSSBus Connect, we have a partnership for you: the RSSBus OEM Partnership. As an OEM Partner, you will enjoy:

  • Offering a white label RSSBus Connect to your customers branded with your customers branded with your company's choice of emblems.

  • The ability to embed components from RSSBus Connect into your proposed solution or in your existing cloud infrastructure.

  • Extensible integration solutions that are based on API-led data connectivity.

  • Flexible licensing and distribution models that are tailored for your business requirements so you can grow sales, reduce churn, and expand into newer markets.

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