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Lishen Battery Integrates with Top Producer’s AS2 EDI using RSSBus Connect

Lishen Battery Co., founded in 1997, is a tech company specialized in next-gen lithium-ion battery R&D, production and operation.

They've used the K/3 ERP system for many years and have customized it to self-process their internal business processes.

As a key supplier of batteries to companies worldwide, a big part of their success is their ability to mesh seamlessly with their customers’ supply chains and supply chain management systems, including automations.

The Challenge: EDI Docking for an Enterprise Customer

Lishen Battery's customer required suppliers to support supply chain automation through EDI docking. The customer uses the AS2 protocol for secure transmission of files, purchase orders and other supply management messages.

To do business with this customer, a significant revenue opportunity, Lishen Battery needed to:

  • Strictly meet their requirements for safe, secure file transmissions
  • Demonstrate verifiable security by attaining a Drummond Certificate
  • Support a variety of encryptions, including SSL security, PKL & S/MIME

To meet their customer’s requirements, Lishen Battery needed certified AS2 capabilities and EDI messaging support that could be quickly integrated with their ERP System. So they evaluated solutions that would meet all key requirements and be easy to install, configure, manage and integrate.

The Solution: Streamlining Purchasing with AS2

Lishen Battery selected RSSBus Connect to help them integrate their ERP software with their customer's EDI. They chose RSSBus due to its high-performance, reliability and scalability in simplifying the process of producing, consuming and integrating data.

Based on the existing ERP system, they added three modules of EDI file transfer, file parsing and business system integration. In changing the existing financial accounting process, RSSBus Connect helps the battery company:

  • Meet their customer's direct EDI connection requirements (bypassing VANs)
  • Standardize business processes
  • Improve daily work efficiency
  • Reduce risks in the information transmission process
  • And improve enterprise management

The specific EDI documents sent between Lishen Battery Co. and their customer are as follows:

  • Purchase Order — EDI 850
  • Order modification — EDI 860 (Purchase Order Change Request)
  • Receipt Confirmation — EDI 846 (Inventory Inquiry/Advice)
  • Function confirmation — EDI 997 (Functional Acknowledgements)

The EDI documents that their customer receives from suppliers are:

  • Order Confirmation — EDI 855 (Purchase Order Acknowledgment)
  • Shipping Notice — EDI 856 (Advanced Shipping Notice)
  • Ticket — EDI 810 (Invoice)
  • Function confirmation — EDI 997 (Functional Acknowledgements)

To complete the project, a local integration partner worked directly with Tianjin Lishen and delivered a smooth, hassle-free integration.

The Results: Efficient Data Parsing, a Satisfied Customer and Money Saved

With RSSBus Connect, EDI is seamlessly integrated with Lishen Battery Co.'s ERP system, providing secure, efficient and reliable integration with their customer's systems.

Through the successful installation of the AS2 connector and the deployment of EDI translation & messaging, RSSBus delivers:

  • Parsing of customer EDI file data into the intermediate database for ERP system operation and management
  • Reliable, standardized EDI file transmission
  • Improved processing efficiency in the Tianjin Lishen business unit
  • Fewer bottlenecks on the system, allowing it to handle the full operational workload

RSSBus Connect is a simple and effective middleware solution that has helped Lishen Battery efficiently transfer complex information and satisfy their large customer. In addition, the successful integration has led to direct cost savings for the battery company.

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