Michelin Steers Partner Fleet to Central, Streamlined Data Store

Founded by French brothers Édouard and André Michelin in 1889, Michelin has spent the past 130+ years innovating and improving with new technologies. Today, it's a $19 billion company and one of the world's leading auto tire manufacturers, with 112,000 employees, 14 percent of the world's auto tire market and a presence in 171 countries worldwide.

Like many enterprises, Michelin is focused on innovating through data analytics, bringing data from more and more sources into their systems to improve forecasting, better serve customers and make strategic, data-driven decisions.

But one untapped treasure trove of data lay just out of reach: the Michelin partner fleet.

Long key to their sustained success and growth, Michelin's partner fleet comprises a variety of companies, using disparate database systems, that ships and distributes tires worldwide.

To glean valuable insights from the vault of inventory, shipping, and trend data tucked away in their fleet partners' databases, Michelin wanted a way to gather that data into their own, unified data store — while accommodating their partners' existing IT infrastructures.

The Challenge: Centralizing Data from Diverse Fleet Partners into One PostgreSQL Data Store

Michelin has invested in creating a smooth process for onboarding fleet partners.

The key challenge has always been that various partners handle data in different ways, using a variety of tools and data formats.

Like many enterprises and growing companies, Michelin uses centralized data stores for maintaining data and extending data access to key decision-makers and solutions developers. As a result, Michelin needed a way to convert that data into one format so they could easily move it into their PostgreSQL data store for ongoing storage and maintenance.

Once in PostgreSQL, they could bring that data into a separate, easy-to-use production-side database, also run through PostgreSQL. From the production-side database, Michelin could then quickly access fleet data from the BI & analytics tools of their choice to support all the workflows and data analysis they wanted.

They also needed to make adoption easy for their partners, so any solution had to integrate seamlessly with Michelin's PostgreSQL data store and accommodate the many solutions their partner fleet already had in place.

The Solution: Broad Integration through Lightweight, Scalable Connectors

As Michelin began their search for a way forward, they looked for a modern, lightweight solution that checked all of their boxes:

  • Broad-Spectrum Connectivity: data connectors for both PostgreSQL and the broader ecosystem of partner solutions
  • Low-Risk and Well-Supported: easy to implement on a small, test basis
  • Great Value: eliminates the need for a lengthy internal RFP process
  • Scalable: able to handle thousands of fleet partners and millions of transactions, but simple and easy enough to start small
  • Great Support: a company that could stand behind their integration solution

After conducting an extensive evaluation process and pitting various solutions against each other, Michelin determined RSSBus Connect stood out from the crowd and best fit their needs.

The Results: Streamlined, Centralized Partner Fleet Data Management

Michelin has enjoyed a successful implementation and streamlined their partner fleet management with RSSBus Connect. They've now implemented a rapid process for bringing partner data into their PostgreSQL data store.

Throughout the implementation process, the RSSBus Support Team maintained open communication with Michelin to ensure successful deployment. Our team even came out to Michelin's offices and provided a hands-on training for their entire fleet EDI development team.

After conducting a smaller implementation with RSSBus Connect, Michelin is now onboarding more partners and adding 25 more RSSBus Connectors to expand the pool of partner data sources it can connect to their PostgreSQL data store.

And as Michelin continues to scale their partner fleet, RSSBus Connect will scale with them to handle millions of transactions.