Wasabi Connector

RSSBus Connect makes it easy to connect your Apps with Wasabi. Use RSSBus Connect to move data, on a schedule, on-demand - on-premise, or in the Cloud!

Wasabi Connector

Combined with RSSBus Connect, you can automate all kinds of A2A processes with Wasabi and build multi-step workflow integrations across your applications, such as SAP, Netsuite, Salesforce, and Hubspot.

Leverage Wasabi Automation:

  • Improve collaboration for your sales team - Use Wasabi as a central library for files associated with contacts, accounts, and opportunities in your CRM. RSSBus Connect migrates relevant customer information and organizes it into corresponding folders in your document store. Whether you need to review and approve a sales contract or build and deliver a sales presentation, documents are centralized and searchable in a virtual file system so you easily share and collaborate on documents throughout the sales pipeline.

  • Automate data loading from applications to Wasabi - Extract data from applications in flat file documents (CSV, TSV, etc) and share them across a common Wasabi repository for backup and reporting. For instance, RSSBus Connect can automate the process of importing lead lists from shared Wasabi folders to your CRM or Marketing Automation platform, or it can be used to export from those platforms to a shared Wasabi folder for archiving and backup.

  • Streamline file management - Aggregate files from across the applications you use in your enterprise and consolidate them to Wasabi. For instance, when a new attachment is received in Gmail or Outlook, automatically save it to Wasabi. Besides email, you can integrate Wasabi with other enterprise content management systems, such as SharePoint and Google Drive, and use Wasabi as your primary storage service. Whatever the file type--from Microsoft Word or Google Docs to Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Slides--and wherever its location, RSSBus Connect easily moves file in and out of Wasabi.

Download Now And Get Connected

Connectors are a core feature which enable the RSSBus Connect to connect to integrate with various database, service, and application sources. Download the Wasabi connector below and easily automate common integration tasks.

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