Google Drive Connector

RSSBus Connect makes it easy to connect your Apps with Google Drive. Use RSSBus Connect to move data, on a schedule, on-demand - on-premise, or in the Cloud!

Google Drive Connector

Combined with RSSBus Connect, you can automate all kinds of A2A processes with Google Drive and build multi-step workflow integrations across your applications, such as SAP, Netsuite, Salesforce, and Hubspot

Leverage Google Drive Automation:

  • Easily Share Documents With Your Team - When a new file is created in Google Drive, easily share it with your team in your preferred project management app and add it to a task. By being able to view all relevant project information in one place, you can easily view, comment on, and edit documents as your project progresses. Whenever a file change is made within your project management app, the file is automatically updated in Google Drive.

  • Consolidate files between Google Drive and G Suite or Office 365 - Whether you use G Suite or Office 365 for your business, you can streamline your file management and consolidate files from G Suite and Office 365. When a new attachment is received in Gmail or Outlook, automatically upload it and save it to Google Drive. Whatever the file--Microsoft Word or Google Docs, or Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Slides--you can edit any document type within Google Drive and changes will automatically sync across your applications. You can share the updated documented with your team in Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts so they are kept in the loop on changes.

  • Streamline your sales to delivery process - Push your leads, invoices, and project proposals from your CRM to Google Drive, and likewise, access these and other files from Google Drive within your CRM.

  • Export CSV files to Google Drive - Store, sort, and share any type of data by uploading it as a CSV file to Google Drive.


The Google Drive Connector ships with the latest version of RSSBus Connect.     

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