AS2 Connector

Drummond Certified Connector for AS2 Exchange. Supports Advanced AS2 Features like VLM, Compression, and more.

AS2 Connector

The Drummond certified eBusinessReady™ AS2 (AS2) Connector gives RSSBus Connect the ability to transfer data using the AS2 protocol. AS2 is the most popular B2B protocol in the industry today, and is the de facto standard for EDI message transfer of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) messages. AS2 is designed to connect, deliver, validate, acknowledge, and securely transmit data across the Internet.

Key Features

  • Secure AS2 File Transfer & Messaging.
  • Integrated 'AS2 restart' for failed transmissions.
  • Very Large Message (VLM) file transmission and receipt.
  • Digital Certificate Creation and Management.
  • Support for SSL Client Authentication.
  • FIPS 140-2 Validated Cryptography.
  • Configurable email event notifications.

More About AS2

Just starting out with AS2? Learn how AS2 works, see its benefits and
get a step-by-step breakdown on implementation in our complete AS2 guide.

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The AS2 Connector ships with the latest version of RSSBus Connect.     

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