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FREE Certified OFTP V2 Messaging Solution
FREE Certified OFTP V2 Messaging Solution
  • Odette Certified OFTP Messaging Client/Server with Automation.
  • Full OFTP V2 support (SSL / Encryption / Signing / Compression).
  • Straightforward web-accessible configuration and management.
  • Completely FREE for single trading partner use.
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The new Odette Certified OFTP Connector V2 is now available, with powerful new updates for automatic certificate exchange, advanced routing, rollover certificate management, and strong authentication.

Read more about the new features in this release, or download OFTP Connector!

OFTP Connector includes advanced security and messaging features unavailable in solutions costing ten times as much! Take a look at some of the new advanced features included in this release:

  • Odette OFTP Certified
  • Secure Odette FTP (OFTP) V2 File Transfer & Messaging.
  • Digital Certificate Creation and Management.
  • Support for SSL Client Authentication.
  • Advanced firewall options.
  • Message post processing and scripting.
  • Configurable email event notifications.
  • Enhanced logging capabilities.

For more details read the product overview, or download the product.

Completely FREE for use with a Single Trading Partner

OFTP Connector is free to use with a single trading partner. There are absolutely no extra fees or annual maintenance requirements for using this application with a single trading partner.

Certain features and capabilities are only available in the paid multi-partner license. To learn more about the differences between the single partner license and the multi-partner license, please read the single partner / multiple partner license comparison.


Drivers are now available through CData Software!